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Road works suspended during MassKara in Bacolod


Road works in Bacolod City will be suspended while the MassKara Festival is ongoing, the Department of Public Works and Highways said.

DPWH District Engineer Abraham Villareal said his office will allow contractors to temporarily suspend road works.

But Villareal said he requested DPWH engineers to submit a report on the number of projects that will be affected, in coordination with the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (https://dailyguardian.com.ph/road-works-suspended-during-masskara-festival/).

He added the DPWH will coordinate with the organizers of the MassKara Festival.

One of the road works they will temporarily suspend is the one along the Circumferential Road across the Bacolod City Government Center.

Villareal said their equipment should not hinder the flow of the parade and other MassKara-related activities.

Meanwhile, Villareal said they will plan their construction operations relative to the celebration of the MassKara Festival.

He clarified that the city government did not request to suspend the works, but they have foreseen that the local government will be requesting them, so they took advanced steps.

As to the asphalt overlaying of streets, this is being conducted at night time, he added.


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