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PH embassy in Tokyo levels up consular services


Good news for Filipinos in Japan: the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo has renovated its consular section so it can offer them upgraded consular services.

The year-long initiative, which began in 2018, also culminated in the construction of an interview and counseling room for distressed Filipinos.

It was the first time the Embassy has a dedicated assistance-to-nationals facility, it added (http://tokyo.philembassy.net/02events/philippine-embassy-rolls-out-improvements-to-consular-services/#nav-cat).

According to the embassy, there are now almost 300,000 Filipinos living and working in Japan. In 2018, over half a million Filipino tourists visited Japan.

Philippine Ambassador to Japan Jose Laurel V noted “a growing number of Filipinos living and working in Japan, as well as the steadily increasing number of Filipino tourists visiting this country.”

“As such, it is crucial for the Embassy to be well-equipped and staffed to be able to better serve our kababayans,” Laurel said.

Minister and Consul General Robespierre Bolivar, who initiated and supervised the project, said the improvements started in May 2018.

Among these improvements are:

* hiring of additional personnel
* activation of dedicated assistance-to-nationals hotlines
* installation of a new public address and client service number system
* streamlining of consular processes
* digitization of consular records to improve client management
* a proactive social media presence through infographic advisories

The embassy said its client feedback rating has considerably improved since the project rolled out, adding many consular applicants have commended the Embassy in writing for the various improvements it has undertaken.


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