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MARINA reminds shipping companies vs smoking on-board vessels


With the volume of passengers heading for the provinces expected to rise in December, the Maritime Industry Authority reminded shipping companies against smoking on board passenger ships.

MARINA cited Executive Order No. 26, which imposes a nationwide smoking ban “in enclosed public spaces and public conveyances.”

Passengers should report any violation of this rule to the MARINA’s Enforcement Service through mobile number 0995-400-7336 or email address: [email protected]

The MARINA noted EO 26 also calls for the designation of designated smoking areas where smoking may be allowed, “provided that it is an open space or an isolated area with proper ventilation.”

Also, it said the combined area of the designated smoking area and its no-smoking buffer zone should not be larger than 20 percent of the total floor area of the ship.

The designated smoking area should also not be located within 10 meters from entrances, exits, or any place where people pass or congregate, or in front of air intake ducts.


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