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Good Samaritan! Friend helps 5 Filipinas rendered homeless by fire in Dubai


At least five Filipinas were rendered homeless after a fire gutted their house in Dubai’s International City in the United Arab Emirates earlier this week.

No one was reported hurt in the fire that destroyed the bedroom of a first floor flat in the Greece Cluster of International City at around 6 p.m. last Aug. 6.

Of the five Filipinas, three are working in Dubai as housemaids while two are visit visa holders (https://gulfnews.com/uae/crime/five-filipinas-homeless-after-fire-guts-flat-in-dubais-international-city-1.65675795).

The five said they lost all their belongings in the fire. Arrangements have been made for them to take refuge at the shelter at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Al Ghusais.

But a friend of one of the five, who also lives in International City, took them in for the night so they could rest. The friend also gave them clothes to wear and some toiletries.

One of the Filipinas said she was in the hallway of the building when the fire started, noting she was outside the flat when her WiFi got disconnected.

“When I entered the flat, there was smoke everywhere. Then the bedroom was on fire… We suspect that the makeshift lamp of one of my housemates must have overheated and caused the fire. But we don’t know for sure as of yet,” she said.

Philippine Consul-General Raymund Paul Cortes said the consulate will extend all possible help to the fire victims. Cortes met with leaders of the community including Josie Conlu.

“We will coordinate as a community. The consulate extends assistance as appropriate to all those who request and will reach out to the community in support of our Filipino nationals in distress,” Cortes said.


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