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Filipina coffee shop employee sexually harassed by manager in UAE


An Egyptian coffee shop manager stood trial before a Dubai court this week for allegedly sexually harassing a Filipina employee last September.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case that stemmed from a complaint lodged with the Al Barsha police station.

Dubai public prosecution records showed the Egyptian, 31, harassed the Filipina, 26, for four months before she lodged a complaint with the police Sept. 22 (https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/crime-and-courts/dubai-coffee-shop-manager-sexually-harasses-new-employee-for-4-months).

Investigation showed he pulled the Filipina employee by her trousers several times, slipped his hand inside her clothes, and groped her. He would also make her sit in his lap.

According to the Filipina, she worked as a supervisor, while the defendant is her colleague and store keeper.

“I have been working at the same coffee shop with him since a year. He would sexually harass me often whether near the counter or behind it,” she said.

She said she reported him to the administration after he pulled her by her belt, and slipped his hand into her clothes. She said she did not immediately report because she felt scared.

But she noted two female colleagues witnessed the incident and there are surveillance cameras inside the shop.

“He did not pay me any amount of money nor did he give me any gift in return for not reporting him,” she added.

A Filipina human resources executive, 36, said the victim approached them to complain against the defendant.

She said the Egyptian “kept harassing her from May to September. She was crying and looked scared. He touched her inappropriately. The man made her sit in his lap and kissed her on the cheek without her consent. We checked the surveillance cameras then filed a complaint at the police station.”

The trial will continue on November 19.


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