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Family of 6 Sabah ‘immigrants’ killed near PH


A family of six undocumented immigrants in Sabah was killed near Philippine waters earlier this month, Sabah police said.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said revenge appears to be the motive behind the shooting deaths, but added they will let Philippine police handle the investigation.

He said the incident occurred in an area called Benguin, close to southern Philippines (https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/13/cops-murder-at-sea-may-be-due-to-revenge).

Initial investigation showed the bodies of the six, including children, were discovered on Nov. 7 before they were brought back for burial to Semporna, where they stayed as undocumented immigrants.

Before the shooting, Omar said the six victims along with two others had taken a boat from Semporna to southern Philippines for Maulidur Rasul.

A group of people on a vessel suddenly fired at them. Two members of the group survived the attack and managed to seek help from villagers, but said they could not see the killers as it was too dark.


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