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Compensation assured for Filipino fishermen who died in bridge collapse


Families of the Filipino fishermen killed in a bridge collapse in Taiwan last week have been assured of compensation from authorities there.

Taiwan International Ports Corp. Ltd. plans to give NT$5 million (US$160,857) to the families of each migrant fisherman who died.

Last week, Filipino fishermen died when their boats were crushed under a collapsed bridge in Yilan County (http://focustaiwan.tw/news/afav/201910020012.aspx).

Investigation showed he bridge above the entrance to the port of Nanfang’ao suddenly collapsed at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, crushing three fishing boats.

Lin Chien-ming, TIPC chief secretary, said the families of each migrant fisherman who have died are expected to receive NT$5 million in compensation, while the 10 injured, including nine migrant fishermen and one Taiwanese driver, will receive between NT$10,000 and NT$36,000.

The bodies of at least five migrant fishermen – three Indonesians and two Filipinos – have been recovered.

The victims were identified as:

* 29-year-old Indonesian Wartono
* 44-year-old Filipino Andree Serencio
* 32-year-old Indonesian Ersona
* 46-year-old Filipino George Impang
* 28-year-old Indonesian Mohamad Domiri

The last missing migrant fisherman is 29-year-old Filipino Romulo Escalicas, according to the center.

Tseng Yen-pu, a representative of Sang Yi International Co., Ltd. manpower agency, the broker for the fishermen, said they were not covered by group accident insurance.

Meanwhile, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office said its top priority is to recover the remaining missing Filipino.

It said some of the victims of Tuesday’s tragedy have relatives working in Taiwan, so some of their family members are at the scene in Yilan.

The families will also receive financial and burial assistance from the Philippines government, and MECO will assist in the repatriation of their remains, it added.


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