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Banana shortage hits La Castellana


La Castellana town in Negros Occidental now has a shortage of sab-a, the banana species used to produce sab-a sticks, a local delicacy.

Mayor Rhumyla Mangilimutan said the shortage has kept them from meeting demand for sab-a sticks in Negros, Luzon, and Mindanao.

“We need to regulate selling of sab-a outside the locality,” Mangilimutan said (https://dailyguardian.com.ph/banana-shortage-hits-la-castellana/).

She said she has already communicated with the Sangguniang Bayan to come up with an ordinance to regulate the “exporting” of sab-a outside the town.

She added that sab-a is grown in the backyard by local farmers and they cannot even keep up with the demand for sab-a sticks production.

The mayor said she is also searching for a potential sab-a plantation to address the shortage.

For now Mangilimutan said the two producers in the town buy sab-a in Canlaon City and adjacent areas.


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