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Baguio City tightens security amid threats to mayor


Tourists in Baguio City should not be surprised over the tighter security at City Hall, especially if they keep up with the news.

Since Thursday, security at City Hall had been tightened after Mayor Benjamin Magalong received information a “hitman” is after him.

Magalong had revealed several explosive pieces of information at the Senate hearing on so-called “ninja cops,” including linking Philippine National Police chief Oscar Albayalde to a possible coverup of a drug bust operation in 2013 (http://northboundasia.com/40978/baguio-mayor-tightens-city-hall-security-amid-threats/news/northern-luzon/).

Citing information from one of his friends, he said “he received a word from a hitman, na sinabi na namonitor (that claimed monitored) a certain group na bigla na lang may kinausap na (which suddenly talked to a) certain Rommel who is a hitman na target ang mayor ng Baguio (that the target is the mayor of Baguio).”

Magalong added he also got phone calls cursing him but when he tried calling the numbers back, they are no longer active.

Meanwhile, city administrator Bonifacio dela Peña has ordered security at the city hall beefed up, not just to secure the mayor, but the employees as well.

From eight entry points, only three are left open with bag-checks conducted in all bags of all people entering the city hall.

Three members of the city mobile force of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) have also been assigned to secure the city hall. A K-9 dog is also going around the city hall building as part of the security measure.

He said the security in the city hall has been very loose which is proper to be heightened for everyone’s protection.

He also assured the public that people can still approach him in the office or on the road without a bodyguard.

An ecumenical prayer rally for faith and trust will be held on Sunday at the Malcolm Square.


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