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Baguio a smoke-free zone, tourists reminded


Baguio City is a smoke-free zone.

The city government issued the reminder to tourists, many of whom are expected to flock to the summer capital in December for the holidays.

Councilor Joel Alangsab, who chairs the city council committee on health, sanitation, ecology and environment protection, said there are no plans to suspend the implementation of this ordinance even if tourism peaks (http://northboundasia.com/41671/baguio-city-smoke-free-zone/news/northern-luzon/).

“The more we will implement it because it is for the health of everybody,” said Alangsab, a member of the city’s Anti-Smoking Task Force.

“It is important that we make everybody know that we have this ordinance and it is strictly implemented so that they will relay it to others, especially those who will be coming over to the city for whatever reasons,” he added.

Under the ordinance, violators are fined P1,000 while establishments are slapped with P2,000 for the first offense. Those who cannot pay the fine will have to render community service.

At least 1,253 persons and 655 establishments were penalized for violating the smoke-free ordinance from January to September this year.

Only five establishments have approved designated smoking areas.

Meanwhile, awareness and education campaigns and training participated in by the different sectors and the barangays have been also sustained.


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