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2K jobs a year for Pinoys in Canada


Here’s another reason for Filipino jobseekers to pack their bags for Canada: Yukon province will open 2,000 jobs per year in various industries there.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III signed a joint communique with his Yukon counterpart to deploy skilled workers with an opportunity to bring their families there.

“The joint communique with Yukon Canada contains a request for 2,000 skilled workers every year,” said Bello, who visited Canada last month (https://www.dole.gov.ph/news/2k-jobs-yearly-for-pinoys-in-canada/).

He added Filipinos in Canada “look very prosperous, very happy.”

Bello directed Philippine Overseas Employment Administration head Bernard Olalia to fast-track the deployment of workers to Yukon.

He also ordered Olalia to fast-track as well as the processing of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) of those who will be working in Vancouver and Toronto.

“After we met with our counterparts, I advised Admin Olalia to liberalize the deployment of OFWs in Canada. We had a first-hand encounter with the Filipinos in Yukon and we are assured that they are well protected, and respected without any class distinction. We heard not a single complaint,” Bello said.

The salaries are also said to be competitive ranging from P80,000 up to P300,000.

Most of the available positions which will be opened to Filipino skilled workers are heavy equipment operators, nurses, cook, chefs, engineers, caregivers, call center agents and other local job opportunities.

Interested applicants should be fluent in English, has the related job degree, with appropriate training, and physically and mentally fit.

“Canadians prefer Filipino workers because of the impression of our quality of work and efficiency. They are also conscious about the family bond, hence, they encourage the workers to bring their family with them in Canada and they will facilitate their entry,” Bello said.

He said their counterparts were eager to sign a bilateral agreement to formalize the deployment of OFWs in Yukon, but he requested them to ink the deal in the Philippines.

“Yukon, is a territory in northwest Canada and we think there are around 20,000 residents or people, of which, 3,000 are Filipinos. So, everywhere you go, you will see and meet Filipinos. They are very welcomed in the community,” Bello said.


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